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We are funded by partners and supporters like you.

We examine and evaluate facts to find solutions for challenges by creating social entrepreneurial projects and leveraging on our resources to support the most socially disabled communities in Lebanon (mainly through women and youth empowerment and socio-professional reintegration). The latter can be achieved through Agricultural, Environmental, Micro Industrial, Touristic, Health Care initiatives and programs.

We tell the powerful stories of the people we work with, we mobilize partners around the world to drive the development of marginalized individuals and communities. We also empower people to elevate and overcome their vulnerabilities through development, guidance, education and training.


Since 2013

In 2013, Lebanese entrepreneur Georges GHAFARY was inspired by an unexpected encounter, when he bumped into a childhood friend who was jobless after struggling with legal issues and drug addiction. Being familiar with social development planning, he succeeded to employ his friend in a proper job. He shared this story through a social reality TV show that provoked an incredible response. The news was spread across the country, his call to action sparked the idea that people everywhere can unite in solidarity for inclusion and development.

This inspirational moment didn’t just give birth to an extraordinary movement; it was the start of impactful social initiatives and projects.

Chreek Evolves

Over the years, social responsibility has moved from the fringes to center stage in the world. Individuals and institutions are willing to give back to the community. CHREEK has grown passing from seeking the development of youth to adopting environmental justice. We believe that green harms can be solved by diverting investment towards projects that have ecological value and creating employment opportunities for unskilled adults and talented youth.

We merge people's concerns and initiate environmental projects to create job opportunities for marginalized and unskilled individuals, intending to solve their social disability and burdens through environmental solutions. Our work is designing patterns of partnership among members of chaos to attain positive social and environmental effects. We act for anyone and everyone whose independence and dignity are at risk.


After few years of groundbreaking achievements, CHREEK went through a major transformation, adapting to dramatic changes in the world

We are improving our context from being an environmental booster and social rooter to upholding a whole spectrum of sustainability and adding the entrepreneurial /economic aspect to our framework. Balancing the immediate needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow is at the heart of being a sustainable community.

We can now respond quickly to events wherever they happen and be a powerful force for independence and autonomy.
We are also developing concepts using the latest innovations of sustainability main pillars; People (Social & Human), Planet (Environmental) and Physical Evidence (Economic Development) under one framework aiming to shape a resilient community.
Imagine what we can now achieve standing side by side with beneficiaries, partners and advocates in every corner of the country. How many more people will realize their independence and live in dignity? How much more green space will be preserved and rehabilitated? How many more sustainable programs will be conceptualized to increase connectivity?



We empower socially, environmentally and economically at-risk communities to attain their full potential through robust partnerships and the development of innovative intervention programs designed to elevate their total well-being. Our mission statement serves as a direction for our collective initiatives and programs which supports our vision for the future. With our ambitious dedication to people (impacted by the fairness, inclusion, education, and people welfare systems) our mission statement builds on our records and strengths. We strive to hold on investing in community-led and community-centered ideas, convene key stakeholders within the sector, and advocate for scheme adjustments that meet people's needs. We commit to build partnership with adequate stakeholders and share our knowledge outcomes across the sector so that every Lebanese attains their whole potential.

Georges Ghafary



To provide individuals and communities residing in Lebanon with essential access to opportunities, skills, resources, and relationships to actualize their potential.


Partnership is the key to any attainment. Our success can only be collective by including all our stakeholders; our team, partners, customers, and the community we serve. Integrity is the root of our collective actions and relationship with our stakeholders. Agility is the authentic character of our projects. This emerges from context, setting, or stakeholder identity. Agility is also the unique expression of our customized service. Diversity is the trigger of our framework. It goes beyond ethnicity and means diversity of experience, perspective, and creativity—otherwise known as diversity of thought—and these can be shaped by multiple factors including race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual identity, ability/disability and location, among others. Transformation is the commitment to urgent action, innovation and conversion within the world and in our framework. Responsibility is the coextensive perseverance and dedication towards the performance of our programs.


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