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Become a chreek

• Our members make change possible. They’re the people we call on whenever and wherever needs arise. Their actions put pressure on governments, institutions and decision makers to do the right thing.
• Partnership benefits: • We’ll make sure you are at the heart of everything we do.
• Urgent updates: Timely emails with how you can take action to empower vulnerable people.

We tell the powerful stories of the people we work with, we mobilize partners around the world to drive the development of marginalized individuals and communities. We also empower people to elevate and overcome their vulnerabilities through development, guidance, education and training.

Be a hero

We constantly have volunteering opportunities within our premises. We currently have a handful of volunteers assisting in the running of the activities we do, making valuable contributions to the association within the scope of their free time. Our volunteers are an essential asset and their contributions have a powerful impact on our work framework. If you desire to volunteer your time, skills, knowledge and experience with CHREEK you will be helping in the below tasks and initiatives:
- Undertaking research tasks.
- Contributing in online communities
- Raising funds for our programs
- Supporting in the execution of our programs
- Supporting human resources
- Loaning your own special expertise to an area of our work
Volunteers are generally recruited on a part time basis for up to several months; each vacancy notification will include further details on the requirements of that placement and transportation and food expenses will be funded.


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