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Our partners

List of strategic partners, project alliances

COSV, OXFAM, CESVI, Lebanese Social Enterprises Association, Beity Association, MEPI LAA, Lebanese American University, Cedars for Care, Bonehuer Du Ciel, Oum El Nour, Arab Open University, Operation Big Blue, Edinburgh Direct Aid, Food Blessed, ShareQ, The Listening Station, USAID, Waste Management Coalition, Transparently Lebanese.

structure & people

Our leadership

Executive team - Board of directors

Director: George Ghafary (
Deputy Director: Jocelyne Saade (
Public Relations Manager: Ingrid Chidiac (
Social Media Content Creator: Maurice Mezher (
Data Manager: George Nazarian (
Project Coordinator: Norma Neaimeh ( & Desire Wansa, (
Assistant Project manager: Jennifer El Ghafary (
Advisor: Margaret Jabara (


Chreek is a social enterprise/ NGO registered in Lebanon, limited by guarantee and a registered charity (no. 1537), with registered office at (Antlias, Mar Elias Street, Semitian Building, Ground floor, Metn, Lebanon ).

chreek board

Chreek board is elected by our Assembly, which meets annually. The International Board provides guidance and leadership for CHREEK movement.

Ambassadors,individuals and networks


carry out CHREEK work at a national and/or regional level. CHREEK has sections set up in more than 5 countries.
They are responsible for:
• Lobbying local government • Campaigning/fundraising/communications within their country/region • Recruiting new supporters for the organization • Conducting own research projects focusing on human rights CHREEK pillars in their own country – this must be developed from research work carried out by and is agreed by the International Board.


Members: individuals who pay a membership fee.
Supporters: individuals who make a donation.
Activists: individuals who take part in actions such as letter writing, signing petitions, demonstrating


Networks are made up of members who share an interest, identity or expertise which gives them a particular role to play in taking up human rights issues. The largest CHREEK network is the worldwide urgent action network, whose members take rapid action at short notice to protect people whose life or physical security is at risk


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Antlias, Mar Elias Street, Semitian Building, Ground floor, Metn, Lebanon